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Clarity Copiers - SHARP MX3550N Photocopier / Printer Clarity Copiers - SHARP MX3550N Photocopier / Printer


Make office life simple!

With the SHARP MX3550N Photocopier / Printer

  • Efficient – All in One Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
  • Easy – Large tiltable 10.1” LCD colour touch screen
  • Fast – 30 Pages per minute
  • Secure – Multi layered security features
  • Connected – Single Sign-On for cloud, Wi-Fi for mobile

SHARP MX3550N Photocopier / Printer

The MX-3550N A3 colour device offers a range of options and upgrades making it adaptable to your future needs. They optimise productivity and are ideal for any busy workgroup that needs high performance, high quality colour and versatility.


  • Outstanding Entry-level: 31- 40ppm A3 Colour MFP
  • Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
  • Customisable, tiltable 10.1 inch colour LCD touchscreen
  • Single sign-on brings easy access to public cloud storage services
  • convert scanned documents into editable MS Office files

Sharp Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) / Photocopier Systems / Printers

B&W A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

B&W A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

MXB201DK (20ppm) / MX201DRNFK (20ppm) / MXB201DNFFK (20ppm) / MXB382FK (38ppm)

COLOUR A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

COLOUR A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

MXC250F (25ppm) / MXC300W (30ppm) / MXC301W (30ppm) / MXC312FK (31ppm) / MXC381FK (38ppm)

B&W A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

B&W A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

MXM182DFK (18ppm) / MXM202DFK (20ppm) / MXM232DFK (23ppm)
MXM266N (26ppm) / MXM316N (31ppm)
MXM356N (35ppm) / MXM364N (36ppm) / MXM365N (36ppm)
MXM464N (46ppm) / MXM464N (46ppm) / MXM564N (56ppm)
MXM565N (56ppm) / MXM654N (65ppm) / MXM754N (75ppm)

COLOUR A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

COLOUR A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

MX2614N (26ppm) / MX2640N (26ppm) / MX3050N (30ppm) / MX3060N (30ppm) / MX3070N (30ppm)
MX3550N (35ppm) / MX3560N (35ppm) / MX3570N (35ppm) / MX3550N (35ppm) / MX3560N (35ppm) / MX3570N (35ppm)
MX4050N (40ppm) / MX4060N (40ppm) / MX4070N (40ppm)
MX5050N (50ppm) / MX5070N (50ppm)
MX6050N (60ppm) / MX6070N (60ppm)

COLOUR A4 Desktop Printer:

COLOUR A4 Desktop Printer:

B&W SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

B&W SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

MXM904 (90ppm) / MXM1055 (105ppm)
MXM1205 (120ppm)

COLOUR SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

COLOUR SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

MX6240N (62ppm) / MX7040N (70ppm)
MX6500N (65ppm) / MX7500N (75ppm)

SOFTWARE - Printer Administration:

Sharp Remote Device Manager

SOFTWARE - Advanced Accounting / Print Management / Secure Print Release:

Sharp Job Accounting / Sharp Job Accounting Plus


Equitrac Express / Equitrac Office


PaperCut MF




SOFTWARE - Advanced Scanning / Workflow:

Sharp Print Release / Sharp Print Release Lite


Drivve Image 5


SOFTWARE - Mobile Device Printing:

SharpDesk Mobile
Everyone Print


SOFTWARE - Cloud Services:

Dropbox Connector