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Clarity Copiers - Sharp MX2640 Photocopier / Printer Clarity Copiers - Sharp MX2640 Photocopier / Printer


Make office life simple!

With the Sharp MX2640 Photocopier / Printer

  • Efficient – All in One Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
  • Easy – Large tiltable 10.1” LCD colour touch screen
  • Fast – 30 Pages per minute
  • Secure – Multi layered security features
  • Connected – Single Sign-On for cloud, Wi-Fi for mobile

Sharp MX2640 Photocopier / Printer

SHARP Centre of Excellence | Sharp MX2640 PhotocopierThe Sharp MX2640 Photocopier

The 26ppm MX-2640 produces top quality colour at full speed and comes with two-sided printing, copying, scanning and robust security as standard. The 10.1″ colour LCD multi-touch screen, optional integrated retractable keyboard and the tilting LCD panel have been designed with ease of use in mind.
Sharp MX2640 Photocopier

? Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
? Pages per minute: 26 B/W 26 Colour
? Paper capacity: Std 600 Max 6600 sheets
? Cloud-ready as standard – seamlessly integrates with Cloud applications
? Large 10.1″ LCD control panel with multi-touch screen for ease of use
? Standard Wireless LAN Adaptor enables connection to wireless network
? Industry-leading security solutions for ultimate data/document protection
? Environmentally advanced design with standard advanced Eco functions

Watch the Video for more on Sharps Multi Award Winning Colour MX Series

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Sharp Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) / Photocopier Systems / Printers

B&W A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

B&W A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

MXB201DK (20ppm) / MX201DRNFK (20ppm) / MXB201DNFFK (20ppm) / MXB382FK (38ppm)

COLOUR A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

COLOUR A4 Desktop/Standalone MFDs:

MXC250F (25ppm) / MXC300W (30ppm) / MXC301W (30ppm) / MXC312FK (31ppm) / MXC381FK (38ppm)

B&W A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

B&W A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

MXM182DFK (18ppm) / MXM202DFK (20ppm) / MXM232DFK (23ppm)
MXM266N (26ppm) / MXM316N (31ppm)
MXM356N (35ppm) / MXM364N (36ppm) / MXM365N (36ppm)
MXM464N (46ppm) / MXM464N (46ppm) / MXM564N (56ppm)
MXM565N (56ppm) / MXM654N (65ppm) / MXM754N (75ppm)

COLOUR A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

COLOUR A3/A4 Standalone MFDs:

MX2614N (26ppm) / MX2640N (26ppm) / MX3050N (30ppm) / MX3060N (30ppm) / MX3070N (30ppm)
MX3550N (35ppm) / MX3560N (35ppm) / MX3570N (35ppm) / MX3550N (35ppm) / MX3560N (35ppm) / MX3570N (35ppm)
MX4050N (40ppm) / MX4060N (40ppm) / MX4070N (40ppm)
MX5050N (50ppm) / MX5070N (50ppm)
MX6050N (60ppm) / MX6070N (60ppm)

COLOUR A4 Desktop Printer:

COLOUR A4 Desktop Printer:

B&W SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

B&W SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

MXM904 (90ppm) / MXM1055 (105ppm)
MXM1205 (120ppm)

COLOUR SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

COLOUR SRA3 Light Production MFDs:

MX6240N (62ppm) / MX7040N (70ppm)
MX6500N (65ppm) / MX7500N (75ppm)

SOFTWARE - Printer Administration:

Sharp Remote Device Manager

SOFTWARE - Advanced Accounting / Print Management / Secure Print Release:

Sharp Job Accounting / Sharp Job Accounting Plus


Equitrac Express / Equitrac Office


PaperCut MF




SOFTWARE - Advanced Scanning / Workflow:

Sharp Print Release / Sharp Print Release Lite


Drivve Image 5


SOFTWARE - Mobile Device Printing:

SharpDesk Mobile
Everyone Print


SOFTWARE - Cloud Services:

Dropbox Connector