Multi Functional Digital Solutions FAQs

What does MFP stand for?

Multi Functional Products. A machine that can act as a Copier, Printer, Fax and Scanner in one box.

Digital Versus Analogue?

Digital copiers read the original using a CCD unit, which converts the optical data into an electronic form. It’s then processed to ensure optimum copy quality before a laser writes this information onto the photoconductor. This is a similar process to the way Laser printers work. Analogue copiers use a series of mirrors and lens to direct the light reflected from the original to the photoconductor’s surface to create the image.

What is a Network Scanner?

Documents can be scanned to a remote location by several different delivery methods. The most common are by Email, to an FTP site or to a Desktop PC directly. The scanner is tightly integrated into the MFP so as to make use of the ADF capacity and ease of use. Uses the MFP’s network connection to deliver the scans to their destination.

What is Dual or Multi Access?

Quite simply means that while one function of the machine is being used another function may still operate in a limited way. For instance if an MFP is configured as a Copier, Printer, Fax and Scanner and the copier or printer is being used then the fax function will still receive faxes into memory. After the print/copy engine has completed its job the fax will instruct it to printout the messages in memory.

What is Rip Once Print Many?

Similar to Scan Once Print Many but relates to the printer option. The print job is delivered to the machine where it is processed and stored in memory. This processing is called RIPing. Once RIP’d and stored the prints can be output as many times as needed from memory without adding unnecessary PC or network overhead. This is most useful in workgroup class printer/copiers.

What is a Document Server?

Document Server: – Allows documents to be scanned or printed into the document server area on the machines Hard Disk Drive. It allows users to store the most used documents inside the machine in a ready to print format without the need of constantly fetching the originals and placing them in the machines document feeder. Files can be stored for as long or as short a period of time as is useful for the user.

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