Facsimilies FAQs

What is Memory / Direct transmission?

Using Direct transmission the remote fax is dialled and once a connection is made the originals are scanned and transmitted. Memory transmission allows the documents to be scanned while the connection is being made to the remote fax. This allows the faxes to be re-sent in case of a busy remote fax, without any further requirement for the originals.

What is Broadcasting?

Using broadcasting allows a fax to be sent to several remote faxes in one operation using one machine as a relay machine.

What is Group dial?

Several quick dial numbers can be set-up under one programme or group key so that the remote faxes are dialled one by one until the whole group has be sent the original fax.

What is Quick dial/speed dial?

The ability to store fax numbers in an address book in the fax machine’s memory allowing easier and more convenient dialling of remote faxes.

What is Duplex scan?

Ability to scan both sides of an original so that both sides can be transmitted to the remote fax as 2 pages.

What is G3?

Standard transmission speed of a modern fax machine. Roughly equates to a single A4 page being transmitted in 6 seconds.

What does 14,400/33,600/56,000kbps mean?

Modem speed. Higher number is faster transmission speed. Both fax machines must agree on the highest common speed in order to transmit documents. The machines achieve this automatically during the call set-up phase.

What is ISDN fax/G4?

ISDN is a digital network that can allow faxing an A4 page in around 3 seconds a page. Requires an ISDN modem built into the fax machine or an external modem/terminal adapter and an ISDN line.

What is Polling?

Ability to dial a remote fax machine and to poll or pull the documents from this fax back to your own or allowing a remote fax to poll/pull documents from your machine. In the last scenario the remote fax picks up the cost of the call.

What is Fax Memory?

As modern fax machines use their memory for almost every function the amount of memory can usually be upgraded to a larger amount. This allows more faxes to be stored for transmission while ensuring there is still enough space to receive all incoming faxes.

What is SOHO?

Small Office / Home Office. Devices in this category are designed to be Multi-Functional Products.

What is DPI?

Dots Per Inch. The method of measuring the resolution that Copiers, Printers, Faxes and Scanners use to read or print the image. 600dpi is the norm for a modern digital Copier, Printer or Scanner.

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