Environmental Statement

Please Note

In keeping with the best practices advocated by SHARP, RICOH and OKI, who manufacture nearly all of the equipment we supply and maintain, CLARITY COPIERS would like to endorse the public commitments they each advocate regarding their environmental policies, green strategies and management systems for:

  • Manufacturing processes, technologies and plants
  • Product planning and maintenance life-cycle
  • Environmental management and factory climate control
  • Energy usage, efficiency and conservation
  • CO2 emission savings and carbon offsetting
  • Water treatment and pollution prevention
  • Waste reduction to landfill and for packaging
  • Reuse, rebuild and recycling of old products
  • Consumables collection and recycling (cartridges, drums, fusers, ribbons, belts)
  • Allocation of resources to achieve policy objectives
  • Monitoring of environmental legislation and regulations for compliance
  • Regular reviews of environmental performance and targets
  • Making environmental policies available to interested parties

Further details can be found at each of the following manufacturers websites:
SHARP’s Recycling Policy
RICOH’s Environmental Principles
OKI’s Eco-Management Policy