10/100 NIC

Speed of the LAN in mbps. Higher is faster. Most modern Ethernet installations are capable of 100mbps with the correct cabling.


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. Allows a device to automatically upon start-up retrieve its network address information from a DHCP server. The DHCP server is programmed with a network scope by the administrators and will supply either fresh
unique address information or reserved address information for the device upon start-up.


Dots Per Inch. The method of measuring the resolution that Copiers, Printers, Faxes and Scanners use to read or print the image. 600dpi is the norm for a modern digital Copier, Printer or Scanner.


Ipv4 is the current implementation of Internet Protocol addresses. Almost all devices on current networks can use Ipv4 address. With the explosive growth of the Internet the Ipv4 address space is fast being depleted. This is not really a major problem at the moment for LANs within a company but can be a problem for WANs between companies or company remote sites. Ipv6 is the new standard and allows for far more addresses and options to be utilised. It’s been designed to take the Internet, LANs and WANs on for the next few decades.


Local Area Network, usually based on Ethernet, Token ring or Fiber. Usually spans as small as a single room to as large as a multi building campus and under one group’s administrative control.

Management NIC

Network card that allows administrators to login to it to configure its parameters to suit the network environment.

NIC Based HTTP Server

Some modern NICs allow an administrator to login using a standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Netscape to name but a few. Network parameters can then be checked or adjusted to suit the networking environment.


Standard PC to printer connection for many years. Now being super-seeded by USB. Uses a parallel cable, which should ideally be IEEE 1284 compliant.

Passive Network Cabling

Network card that does not issue broadcast requests. Will still respond to a broadcast though.

Printer Status Software

Software package that allows the remote monitoring and sometimes administration of a networked printer. Can be as simple as viewing printer status or as complex as configuring every aspect of the networked printer’s parameters.

RJ45 & CAT5 UTP Cabling

Specifications of the connector and the cable type used by almost all modern networkable machines. This is the most common LAN cabling scheme in use today.


Small Office / Home Office. Devices in this category are designed to be Multi-Functional products.


Universal Serial Bus. Newer method of attaching devices to PC’s such as printers and scanners. Can be used to connect almost anything to the PC. Devices using USB connections can be linked to USB hubs, which can in turn be linked together, to give up to 127 USB devices connected to one PC.


Wide Area Network, usually based on a service provided by a Telco. Analogue dial-up, ISDN and ADSL are WAN technologies. Not normally under one group’s administrative control. WANs span cities, countries and even the globe.

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