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Personality Profiles. Meet the people who make us proud.

“Hello. I’m Stuart Whittigale, I recently joined Clarity as a trainee technician.  I used to work in the disabled care industry with the Epilepsy Society.  I really enjoyed helping people but I felt a career change was needed to help me develop new skills. Joining Clarity was absolutely the right move for me, the Service Team here has given me great support and encouragement.  I love it here. “

Stuart Wittingale

Hi. I’m Tony Saunders, I joined Clarity in 2015 as a print solution and connectivity technician.  I was with Newman’s Business Solutions before that.  I’ve been in the photocopying industry for over 20 years.  That experience has helped me become a key member of Clarity’s Service Team.  I’ve got Microsoft Certifications and City & Guilds in CAD/CAM but every day is different and every day I learn something new. That’s what I love about this job. “

Tony Saunders

“Hello, I’m Deborah – Deborah Senior – and I’m a Service Administrator. I used to work as an After Sales Supervisor for an online watch company.  I thought it was time for a change and now I’m part of Clarity’s Service Administration team and lovin’ the challenge.”

Deborah Senior

I’m Mick Wardle.  After 12 very happy years with Clarity as a workshop and installation engineer, I decided to retire. I say ‘retire’ but you can’t expect someone who loves his work to completely give up.  I’m now helping my wife part-time in the print room at Luton sixth-form college.”  Well done, Mick, you were always a great ambassador for Clarity, glad to hear you’re giving Luton College the benefit of your experience.  Clarence.

Mark Wardle

Community Matters

We’re proud of our Thames Valley community and proud too in our support of Clarity team members who channel their time, talent and energy into local projects. 

Abby’s Marathon Challenge!

Abby’s Marathon Challenge!

Meet Abby Payne. Abby’s our Credit Controller and resident fitness fanatic.  Most of us would think running our Credit Control was exercising enough but Abby’s also running miles every day before getting to the Office. It’s all part of her training for this year’s London Marathon on 22nd April. Abby hopes that her run will not only make her an Office hero but also raise more than £2,000 for the charity ‘Against Breast Cancer’, whose mission is to improve detection and increase survival after detection.  As Abby’s doing all the running, the least we can do is ask if you can stretch to donation to help her meet that £2000 plus target? 

Every little helps. You can make a donation via Abby’s Just Giving link:


Home or away – this kit is a winner.

Home or away – this kit is a winner

We’re well into the football season and feedback from our kit sponsorship of four local under 12 football teams has been very rewarding.  As Marlow FC, Maidenhead Magpies, Bourne End Sports Club and Tower Hill Football Club battle it on the pitch, we’re busy working on a plan to give our local lads an end of season competition and prize giving with a ‘Champions League’  finish.

Home or away – this kit is a winner.

How to Improve your Office Karma

Improve Your Office Karma

There is always that one person in the office…the one that tells everyone when the toner is out but refuses to replace the empty toner bottle.  It’s frustrating when that happens, isn’t it?  With so many different people in the office using the copier, it is important to have a set protocol for how to operate the machine. Setting rules for the variety of copier users is a great way to let everyone know that they are responsible for making sure the copier is running to its best ability at all times.

These are our recommendations for the Top Ten Copier Etiquette Rules – adopt these and the office karma around the copier will be all peace and light.

  1. Don’t leave the paper trays empty. That’s no one to create office karma.  Refill them as needed.
  2. Always check the touch screen for a flashing icon before you use the machine. It could mean there’s a misfeed, or the toner is low, or there is an error code that needs resolving.
  3. Never walk away from a copier that is jammed. Try to resolve the issue.
  4. If you can’t resolve a copier issue on your own, notify your office manager so a technician can be called.
  5. Let people with fewer documents than you print first.
  6. If you see someone using the copier, do not print to that machine. Wait until your co-worker is done running their copy job.
  7. Don’t remove someone else’s documents from the copier. Find the owner of the documents or give the documents to the office manager to hold.
  8. If you print anything on thick paper, coloured paper or other specialist paper remove it from the tray once you are done printing so someone else does not accidentally print on it.
  9. Remove staples, sticky notes and paper clips from all documents that you’re going to put through the Top Feeder.
  10. Keep the area around the copier clean. Avoid drinks or food around the copier. Take a quick look at the copier are before you leave it – is it as neat and tidy as you’d like to find it?


SHARP leads the way on MFP Security

SHARP leads the way on MFP Security

Digital security is one of the hottest topics for those concerned about data protection in the 21st-century office. That’s why Sharp has been shouting about their latest achievement in MFP Security. Sharp’s digital colour multifunction printers (MFPs) with an embedded data security option are the first to have been certified for Common Criteria, conforming to the Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices v1 .0.

Quite an Achievement

This is quite an achievement and moves Sharp right to the top for MFPs with the security standards required for compliance with government and military offices. The Common Criteria for MFP Security is a set of guidelines used to evaluate information technology equipment. The specs are set and tested by independent laboratories, Sharp is certified by Japan’s IT security evaluation and certification system (JISEC),

The Hardcopy Device Protection Profile v1 .0 (HCD-PP) is a new requirement for digital MFPs based on the security requirements specified by the US and Japanese governments. It was developed through the industry collaboration with National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and International-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA).

MFP Security

This new standard aims to protect the information processed by an MFP from security threats and includes specifications for encryption and firewalls. This is an important step change in Sharp’s security portfolio and means that Sharp can confidently support customers handling the most sensitive data in the world. This upgrading of security compliance was initially requested by Japan and the USA.  Industry talk is that Europe is now expected to require this standard very soon.

The following Sharp devices have received the certification: MX-2630N, MX-3050N, MX3550N, MX-4050N, MX-5050N, MX-6050N, MX-3060N, MX-3560, MX-4060N, MX-3070N, MX-3570N, MX-4070N, MX-5070N, MX-6070N.

Customers with these models can add this option via a firmware update. Please get in touch our Service Engineers team if you’d like to know more about this security upgrade.

Sharp proves a winner at BLI Pick Awards

SHARP Centre of ExcellenceIndustry leader, Sharp has picked up a fist-full of prestigious Pick Awards at the Winter 2017 from the Buyers Laboratory (BLI).

BLI are universally recognised as the leading provider of intelligence for the document imaging and solutions industry.   Their credentials are impeccable: BLI has been putting products to the test for more than 50 years. BLI Pick awards acknowledge the hardware and software offerings that measure up as the best in their respective categories throughout rigorous lab testing during the previous six months. Unique in the industry, the comprehensive tests assess a wide range of the most important features and performance factors for buyers.

SHARP Simply Better Business


Six Sharp MX models rated as ‘Outstanding’.

Sharp’s new MX Advanced and Essentials Series, which are designed to meet the needs of any mid-to large-size workgroup, offer the reliability, ease of operation, output quality and flexibility users crave.

Thanks to the redesigned drivers and control panel, along with the innovative and award-winning web utility, building workflows is now as easier than ever. The Advanced Series, which includes a standard retractable keyboard for streamlined data entry, a standard duplex single-pass feeder, and standard Sharp OSA to better manage workflow with network applications and cloud services, is a boon for users with more robust workflow needs. The budget-friendly Essentials Series (a perfect entry level option) offers similar functionality with the same excellent reliability and outstanding operability as the higher-end models, with advanced workflow capabilities kept optional to keep costs down.  


Sharp winners on the podium

Clarence of Clarity Copiers SHARP Centre of Excellence

The six Sharp models that came out on top in the BLI Winter 2017 Awards offer a choice of ‘outstanding entry-level’ models and ‘outstanding professional’ models.  In both categories they were ranked in the top spot on the podium for quality, versatility, performance and ease of use. 

Clarity Copiers has a long and successful relationship with winning brand Sharp.  They were appointed official Sharp agents in 1990 and are now rated as a Sharp Center of Excellence: a fitting testimony to the expertise and quality of customer service that are the hallmarks of this enduring and successful partnership.


Which Sharp model would you like to Connect with?  

MX-3070N – Outstanding: 21-30ppm, A3 Colour MFP

MX-3050N – Outstanding Entry-level: 21-30ppm A3 Colour MFP

MX-3550N – Outstanding Entry-level: 31- 40ppm A3 Colour MFP

MX-5050N – Outstanding Entry-level: 41- 50ppm A3 Colour MFP

MX-6070N – Outstanding: 51-60 ppm A3 Colour MFP

MX-6050N – Outstanding Entry-level: 51-60 ppm A3 Colour MF 

Clarity Celebrates 27 Years

Clarity Celebrates 27 Years


In the 1990’s the printing industry saw a revolution in technology. The Apple Macintosh was barely out of its digital nappy but already changing the way we thought about imaging. It was an exciting time in the evolution of print technology. And as serendipity would have it, 1990 was the year Clarity Copiers High Wycombe started trading. We must have been crazy!

What were we thinking? The 1990s began with a serious recession that had plunged the property market into a decline after the economy dipped sharply in early 1989. By 1992 it got even worse as inflation rose towards double figures. Yet, here we were starting a new business, embracing new technology and perhaps wondering where it would all end. Well, 27 years later we’re still here and going from strength-to-strength in a world that in many ways is unrecognisable for that gloomy recession plagued end to the 20th century.

Photocopiers have come a very, very long way since Clarity Copiers first dipped their fingers in the toner. How things have changed! Barely a year goes by now without some new development in photocopier technology. The current market is flooded with different brands and models in varying sizes with a plethora of extra features. Choosing between them can be a perplexing task for most business owners. Where do you start?

Apart from the obvious options of mono or colour the increasing combination of multi-function features can now combine printing, scanning and copying on a network, fax functions, image editing, PIN or card access for billing different departments, a hard drive for document storage and even integrate with document management software to link printing and scanning across your organisation. Add to this remote access capabilities and the increasing use of smart phone apps to manage output and the once humble copier could soon be running the office for you.

Clarity’s, Terry Hunt, sums up their approach to the challenge.

Terry Hunt - Simple Copier SolutionsWe love to make the complex business of choosing the right copier simple and straightforward. We’ve always believed that investing our time and product knowledge early in the conversation is key to helping our customers choose the best copier for the their budget and their needs. It’s also the best way for our customers to get a rapid return on your investment.

Twenty-seven years on Clarity Copiers High Wycombe can look back on 1990 with a true sense of achievement. Their bold bid to be a leading player in business imaging in the Thames Valley is a remarkable achievement. And as key player in the expanding Clarity Network able to support a nationwide service, the next twenty-seven years may prove to be even more exciting.

Clarity Support Clients In High Office

When it comes to a challenge we are always ready for it. Take this installation, for example.

Instructions given by the customer were:

Small temporary office in elevated position, access limited”!!!

Commitment to the Customer

Carried from his sick bed at the John Radcliffe hospital for an emergency operation, Sales Manager Simon Winstone insisted on finishing his quotation before succumbing to the Surgeon’s scalpel. That’s dedication for you!

Annual Field Report

Another year and another festival over, as you can see by the picture we try to be as unobtrusive as possible. This year Mick Wardle our “Festival man” and his partner did the impossible – look at the seats next to the copier, this is what we call looking after our customers, or close attention to detail!